Police Officer Angela Marsh is on foot patrol when a shot is picked up on her audio sensors. Her Police Augmented Reality Unit (PARU) triangulates the location and displays it immediately on her Heads Up Display (HUD) which looks just like a pair of glasses. She sees a map overlay to lead her and a few other officers in the vicinity to the location in the quickest path possible. The other responding officers show up on her HUD map overlay in blue thanks to the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system built into the PARU. As she approaches the location, the building interior map replaces the exterior map and the last known location of the suspect shows up in red, on the 2nd floor. The PARU displays all exits with links to the building’s security cameras. Angela selects the cameras for the exits on her side of the building and quickly determines that nobody has exited on here. She changes the side of her building to green and enters the building, weapon drawn. She notices all 4 sides of the building are now green, the suspect is still in the building.

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