Reader Haversack wrote in with a tip about an interesting game with a cyberpunk feel to it called The Curfew.

A scene from The Curfew.The Curfew is a small point and click adventure written by Marvel writer and game critic Kieron Gillen and developed by Littleloud digital entertainment for Channel 4. It is very well done in flash with live action placed upon computer generated backgrounds.

The basic story is that England has fallen under a totalitarian regime that closely resembles V for Vendetta. For a better description of events leading up to the game check this video. In the game you have come to be the owner of data, on a suspicious silver pill USB drive, that could bring the “Shepherd” regime down from a random guy you meet in an alley at the beginning. Anyway you are told to run to a safe house to find someone you can trust to do the right thing with the data you have.

At the safe house you meet up with four possible people to carry your precious data. You must chat with them and gain their trust by
listening to their stories and asking/answering questions during the “Question Phase” after each story segment from your target. Each story segment gives you your conversationalists back story as to why they are ducking the curfew in the safe house.

A scene from The CurfewIt’s pretty sparse as to your reasoning behind taking the thing and doing what he says. I assume it’s because you are a freedom fighter but with no real intro to your own character it’s hard to get why you are doing it in the first place. The individual stories of each of the safe house inhabitants are well written from what I have experienced so far and the acting is pretty good as a whole.

The reason I say “so far” is that this game is still in beta as the big red tab at the top of the page denotes. I have run into several bugs in the story proceedings and have had moments where the next event fails to appear.

Even with the bugs I haven’t stopped trying to get to the end to find out what happens. The writing and acting at least is excellent even if they do have a few hitches in the system. I am looking forward to playing the thing the whole way through. I’m on my 4th try after technical mishaps. In playing the game again, the game has a scary realization of Jesse Schell’s speech from DICE this year. I say this because citizens have been relegated to levels based on points they earn for living well or snitching on illicit activities. Kieron Gillen took that speech and ran with it straight to a science fiction story.

Join me in trying to figure out the secret behind The Curfew at

(Credit to Kotaku for covering the game.)

An interesting game, even with the technical flaws. Very interesting that it is set in the U.K., the same country that gave us 1984; as the joke goes, it seems the British government has been using 1984 as a policy manual instead of a warning.

It also gives a great demonstration of how we could fall into a dystopia if people start valuing and demanding a feeling of security over freedom. I haven’t played the game much to really dig into it, but it’s got an interesting background. Even if it’s not strictly cyberpunk, it captures the feeling of near-future dystopia fairly well.

Any other thoughts?