Sorry for the lack of posting recently. Real life has caught up to some of the writers and I was off to a conference across the country.

Anyway, here are some brief thoughts about three cyberpunk type movies: Blade Runner, Inception, and Ghost in the Shell.

First, a little blast from the past: a video about making the special effects for the Blade Runner landscape. I’ve always been fascinated by they hoops that the old special effects people had to jump through in order to get those great effects. These days this type of thing would be the work of a few interns working at computers. But, it’s a great bit of insight into how they achieved the look for that landmark movie.

Inception was a great movie. It’s not strictly cyberpunk, but it had a lot of similar themes with questioning reality. I read an interesting article that pointed out that the technology takes a bit of a backseat. Unlike cyberpunk where the “cyber” part is vital, Inception minimized the role of the technology. That article also mentions Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as a related movie. Perhaps there’s a new genre there? I’d be interested in hearing what you all thought of Inception.

Finally, some old news that I only heard at Dragon*Con last week: there are plans for a live action version of Ghost in the Shell. Kind of surprised to hear about this so late, given how obviously we all love GitS on here. There was quite a bit of discussion about what actors would fit the different roles in the movie. An interesting discussion, although I never feel very creative in picking actors. What do you think, what actors would fit the roles well?