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Review of TRON: Legacy

I recently went to see the new movie TRON: Legacy, the biggest cyberpunk-related movies this year. It’s the sequel some of us have waited decades for. I’m sure all the hard-core fans here have already seen it, but in case you haven’t I’ll be including a few spoilers. Go see the movie if that’s a big deal for you. Otherwise, read on and then leave a comment with your thoughts.
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Has this site failed?

I’m taking a long hard look here. Posting has fallen off for various reasons. As I’ve mentioned before, most of the original 6 writers I lined up for this site have left. The last remaining one hasn’t talked to me in a few weeks now. I’ve been busy with a project that I’m hoping will keep rent paid, so I haven’t had the time to consider an interesting cyberpunk topic to post.

Part of the motivation for creating this site was to gauge interest in cyberpunk as a theme, particularly one to explore for a future game. The lack of interest in contributing writing and the lack of interest in participating in comments (currently 0 comments on the cyberpunk-themed game post I wrote a few weeks ago) seems to indicate that the interest isn’t as great as I had hoped.

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