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Games in Cyberpunk

Given my “day job”, I love games. But, they seem to be conspicuously absent in a rather technical-minded genre like cyberpunk, particularly in the classic works. So, let’s take a look at the role of games in the future.
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Immortality in Cyberpunk

Immortality is a recurring theme in many fiction stories. It tends to appeal to the part of us that fears death, or at least wants to hold it off until we’re ready. Immortality, while desirable, is sometimes seen as a bad thing in stories.

Cyberpunk, of course, has its own twist on the subject. Let’s take a look at some examples.
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Changing it up

So, according to the feedback thread last month, it seems people are still interested in the site. But, it seems people haven’t been thrilled with the content so far.

So, I’ll change it up a bit. Once a week I’ll post up a theme for discussion. We’ll look at the topic from a cyberpunk point of view. This requires a fair amount of audience participation, so make sure to click through to the site in your RSS reader and read the comments and participate! The current plan is to post up a new topic on Wednesdays, starting with Wednesday this week.
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Chaos vs. Order

I came across another interesting review of TRON: Legacy today over at Terra Nova, an academic site that covers online games. The article is Blizzard is CLU, and goes into some interesting detail about the nature of MMOs and how the “living parts” were driven out, reminiscent of the plot of the movie. (Warning, there are some mild spoilers in that article and this. But, if you’ve read my review you probably already know the plot points covered.)

This brought up some thoughts about the classic themes of chaos and order. Read on for my take.
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