So, according to the feedback thread last month, it seems people are still interested in the site. But, it seems people haven’t been thrilled with the content so far.

So, I’ll change it up a bit. Once a week I’ll post up a theme for discussion. We’ll look at the topic from a cyberpunk point of view. This requires a fair amount of audience participation, so make sure to click through to the site in your RSS reader and read the comments and participate! The current plan is to post up a new topic on Wednesdays, starting with Wednesday this week.

This won’t necessarily preclude other types of posts on here. I’ll still post up thoughts on other topics, reviews, occasional news bits, etc. Maybe I’ll save my truly egghead historical analysis of a topic for separate posts, too.

So, I’d love to hear any feedback on this. I think this will meet a lot of the needs: helps build a community of people who participate, keeps the topics lively, doesn’t just dwell on the history of the genre, etc. What do you think?

This Wednesday, the theme will be immortality. Start thinking about this in terms of cyberpunk, and come back on Wednesday to upload your thoughts.