I’m heading to a conference for the “day job” part of my life next week, so I might not have time to post. So, I’ll leave you with an open-ended question to discuss: what’s the next step in cyberpunk?

I think the obvious first step is to update the technology. Wireless technology, for example, has changed things tremendously. A lot of 80s cyberpunk assumed wires would be the order of the day. Some modern stories (and current versions of game settings like Shadowrun) have taken this into consideration.

As I’ve also written before, geopolitics have to change. The old world order doesn’t stand anymore. But, I still think the themes of older superpowers loser their luster to newer (old) players on the global stage is still an interesting concept.

So, what do you think? What has to change to modernize cyberpunk? Let’s see some discussion!