The Internet Crashed is a blog about everything cyberpunk. The writers all share a passion for cyberpunk.

The Adminstrators and Authors

  • Ethic has been playing MMORPGs since the early days of Asheron’s Call. He spends most of his free time maintaining “a little known blog site” called Kill Ten Rats as well as working mostly behind the scenes here at The Internet Crashed. He has run the whole range from obsessive all night gamer to squeezing in an hour or two when possible, focusing more on the family side of gaming now that his kids have gotten old enough to have their own PCs.
  • Sinnyo is a game design graduate with interests in online play and culture, whose time is often spent absorbing artworks and tweaking design documents. Her cyberpunk tastes run as far as Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix – stories in which the idea of self may be challenged, and identities may only be skin-deep. Sinnyo’s cyberspace haven is Raygun Gothic.net.
  • Ferrel (who is occasionally known as Adam) has been involved with the MMO industry since its inception. Having been an avid player of virtually every game from MUDs through modern big budget MMOs he has seen and participated in many aspects of the genre. Adam is an avid gamer, a network junkie, and a writer on Epic Slant.
  • Psychochild is an experienced online game developer. In his many years of professional game development, he has done programming, designing, writing, and administrating. He has a blog at http://psychochild.org/.

Special Thanks and Past Authors

  • Faefire is a digital fine artist. She does HTML editing and assisted with the development of the original theme for The Internet Crashed. You can see her professional art at Faefire Art & Design, or sher fine art at Skymare.com.
  • mixvio is a writer living in Sydney, Australia. He has had a fascination for science-fiction in general since picking up Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot as a child. Having worked as a video games journalist, some of his work has appeared on Massively and WoW.com.
  • Yog is a cartoonist, an illustrator and a gaming fan. He likes to roleplay and he does it a lot he plays anima among other stuff. He worked for the Golemizer MMORPG.

About the Theme

The “Cybervision” Theme for The Internet Crashed is a heavily modified version of the SoulVision Theme; SoulVision was created in Dreamweaver with ThemeDreamer.