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Dragon*Con with Richard Epcar

*tap* *tap* Is this thing still on?

Yeah, this has been neglected. But, I have some interesting news: Richad Epcar is going to be at Dragon*Con this year, and I’m moderating the session he will be attending discussing his work on Ghost in the Shell. You might know him as the voice of Batou in that series.
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Reader “Dblade” sent in this post, a review of the anime Serial Experiments: Lain. Enjoy!

What does dying feel like?

It really hurts! :)

A junior-high school student commits suicide by throwing herself off of a building. The next day, her class gets emails from the student. They claim she isn‘t dead, but has merely abandoned her body. One of the students is a quiet girl called Lain Iwakura, who we quickly find out is much more than she seems. Why are there two Lains: one existing only on the internet-like Wired? Can you really find God there? Who are the Knights, and what prophecy are they trying to fulfill? As Lain explores the Wired, through her ever changing PC Navi, it becomes increasingly apparent that the barriers between our human world, and the world of the Wired are dissolving.

Serial Experiments: Lain is the creation of Yoshitoshi ABe, known for experimental anime like Haibane Renmei, NieA under 7, and Technolyze. Lain, the work that initially made him famous, was a 13 episode TV animated series. It’s dark and surreal, and a sharp contrast to the spectacular military style of cyberpunk you see in Ghost in the Shell.
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