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Changing it up

So, according to the feedback thread last month, it seems people are still interested in the site. But, it seems people haven’t been thrilled with the content so far.

So, I’ll change it up a bit. Once a week I’ll post up a theme for discussion. We’ll look at the topic from a cyberpunk point of view. This requires a fair amount of audience participation, so make sure to click through to the site in your RSS reader and read the comments and participate! The current plan is to post up a new topic on Wednesdays, starting with Wednesday this week.
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Has this site failed?

I’m taking a long hard look here. Posting has fallen off for various reasons. As I’ve mentioned before, most of the original 6 writers I lined up for this site have left. The last remaining one hasn’t talked to me in a few weeks now. I’ve been busy with a project that I’m hoping will keep rent paid, so I haven’t had the time to consider an interesting cyberpunk topic to post.

Part of the motivation for creating this site was to gauge interest in cyberpunk as a theme, particularly one to explore for a future game. The lack of interest in contributing writing and the lack of interest in participating in comments (currently 0 comments on the cyberpunk-themed game post I wrote a few weeks ago) seems to indicate that the interest isn’t as great as I had hoped.

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Our Twitter broke

Yeah, not surprising. Well, actually, the problem was on our side. :) The plugin we used to echo posts to Twitter broke because Twitter changed how they accept posts. I posted a few manual updates to Twitter for some posts that didn’t get mentioned. Anyway, I updated the plugin and things should be back to normal.

…famous last words, right?

EDIT: Oops, the tweet went to my Psychochild account instead of the InternetCrashed one. Fixed that up, things should be doomed. I mean fine….

Want to write about cyberpunk?

I started this project asking for volunteers. I was pleasantly surprised by the response I got for the site. But, real life takes its toll and some of the people who originally wanted to write for the site have found their free time in short supply. I certainly do appreciate the interest and effort they put into supporting this project.

But, this site is a lot to do with just a few people who want real social lives. Therefore, I’m asking if any of you, our enthusiastic readers, are interested in stepping forward to write for the site. I’m looking for people who can post up interesting cyberpunk topics to discuss. If you’re interested, send an email with a proposed article to for consideration.

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Cyberpunk interview questions?

Looking for a bit of feedback here. I’ve talked to a few people about doing interviews about their work. So I’m working on some questions to send them and thinking of some good general questions to send to whomever we might interview in the future.

Since you are the ones who will have to read the questions, let me pose this to the audience here: what questions do you think we should ask in an interview?

Looking for feedback

The Internet Crashed has been up and going for about 2 weeks now; that’s practically an eternity in internet time. So, I figured it’s time to share some thoughts about the site and get your opinion on what you would like to see.

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